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Our Mission 
is to bring to you Applications with Integrity. We do not collect any information (data, location etc.) from our Apps. We are not ad supported. Your privacy is paramount in our mission to develop applications for our customers. We only collect information on our website that you provide us if you purchase an application for a Mac or PC, fill out our contact form, etc. We also use google analytics for analysis of our website traffic. We do not use tracking cookies.
We strongly recommend that you encrypt the data on your devices and use a strong password. iPhones with iOS 8 and above are encrypted when you assign a passcode. You should encrypt any Mac you own with FileVault and any PC you own with BitLocker.

iOS Apps
A Password, Credit Card, and Rewards Card Manager.
No in app purchases, no ads, no tracking or data collection by us. Quick copy and paste of usernames and passwords.
Pictures via the iPhone, iPad camera of your cards is supported.
Quick and enhanced search functions.
Random generation of suggested passwords.
One touch mapping of addresses.
Data entered in Passky is stored only on the device. We cannot see it and there is no data stored in the "cloud" to be hacked as with some password apps.

Mac and PC Versions coming very soon
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Privacy Policy

Privacy is paramount at Honest Apps

What Information do we collect?

We do not collect any information from our App, Passky. We do not use tracking cookies or beacons on our website other than any cookies required for Google Analytics. We do use Google Analytics to get an understanding about the traffic our website receives. The only information we collect is from our contact form and any email correspondence we receive as well as information provided when a customer purchases a Mac or PC version of our software. Data is stored on an encrypted system with encrypted backups. We do our best to protect your information and have strict limitations on the use of all information we collect.

How do we use your information?

We use information provided during a purchase to deliver our products to our customers and receive payment for our products. We also use it to notify our customers of any new versions as well as new products.

Sharing of personal information:

We do not share your information with any third parties. Payments done through our website are made with PayPal and subject to their TOS and Privacy Policy.

Opting Out:

You may select to not receive email notifications from us at anytime by contacting us through our contact form on our website and requesting an opt-out of emails from us, all emails, or new version notifications, or new product notifications. www.honestappsinc.com Once we are notified of an opt-out request the request will be applied to our email list within 2 business days (business days are Monday thru Friday excluding holidays).

How do we store your information?

Data is stored on an encrypted system with encrypted backups. There is only one user account and only three team members may access the information.